Making the base and painting the gate

A project log for Stargate LED Clock

An LED clock using the adafruit 1/4 sections to make a 60 LED ring. Although not a new concept, it should be expandable to other variations.

david-hopkinsDavid Hopkins 09/25/2014 at 13:000 Comments

Looking at some of the SG models around the net, most have ramps or the bottom of the gate is obscured so people can walk in/out of them. all makes sense but not suitable for my version... so what im creating could be called a 'themed stand'.

it will have a power socket and 3 buttons; the base will be removable in-case any adjustments need to be made. this will probably be held on with neodymium magnets, but we shall see.

Picture time!

close up of the button board:

inside of the base/stand:

base and sprayed gate (the back and sides of the gate will be generic grey)

stand & gate, now with SG printout stuck on, trimmed and touched up where needed, also the led ring is sitting in its slot, but no wiring as yet:

the base will have stone effect stuck on and, like the ring, all be sprayed with polyurethane varnish to protect it.

just need to find some stone textures now.....