Project Log #2 "slight change"

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A diy bio lab for mammalian cell culture, genetic engineering, and whatever creations cross my mind

saporanoSapoRano 07/16/2023 at 06:340 Comments

So I made some slight changes to my original plan including some new goals on my way

Nothing major but things I will definitely be needing in the future hopefully. Also I was wondering if you guys could help pitch in with what I could use the lab for. I already have some ideas like growing neurons. As well as growing muscles and bones and maybe throwing together a little creature that can move of sorts. That future me's problem to deal with for now, I just think that having a clear goal in mind would definitely help majorly in terms of  having a visions and the direction I want to move my lab in. I'm probably gonna start cataloging all the junk in the garage so I can see what i wanna keep and what's heading to the garage sale. hopefully once i've cleared a space and gotten some extra cash from the sale I can start planning out for the lab and setting a plan into motion.

I've already started doing some research into Bio-safety cabinets and fume hoods I might separate the systemy into 2 parts the filter and the workstation. That way I can focus on each separately, also detaching it would man that if I decided to make a change to either I could do it with relative ease. A plexiglass and aluminum cage with a hole at the top may be all I need on the cage side. For the filter pulling air through a carbon fiber + HEPA filter should be adequate, I may do a couple different layers should it be needed. 

I plan on following the thought emporiums guide (AMAZING YOUTUBE CHANNEL )  when making the incubator but adjusting a reptile egg incubator. I do want to buy the centrifuge for safety reasons, and a pressure cooker should be sufficient for a autoclave for now until i need to size up or if we start having contamination problems. The inverted microscope has to be bought but I can try to make a fluorescent microscope. The water baths are cheap and easily available, Pipettes must be bought. I already own a freezer and fridge. The liquid nitrogen could be intresting if i choose to diy the tank but I probably won't. A controlled rate cooler is going to be very fun to make, same goes for the orbital shaker. And from their the sky's the limit.