Project Log #4 "for all"

A project log for Home Biology Lab

A diy bio lab for mammalian cell culture, genetic engineering, and whatever creations cross my mind

saporanoSapoRano 07/19/2023 at 06:000 Comments

So I have a firm belief progress in the world in inevitable, yeah so my sister got hospitalized there's a 89.74% chance she'll be fine so I'm unbothered. I haven't felt I needed to stop my research.

I went to the garage and am getting ready to sell everything I made a list and double checked it with my dad and am very excited to begin finally transforming the place. 

I'm thinking about transforming an entire part of the garage into a positive pressure room that will be kept 100% sterile for lab work and the rest of the garage being turned into a space for incubators fridges and machichines and a general crafts and storage space. but from what I've seen from other DIYbio crowd online is that contamination isn't as big a deal as I was afraid of but I would still rather be safe than sorry.

I wish the DIYbio crowd was bigger and more info on this stuff was available. I know their are groups but I don't have any near me. and I can find any places online where they congregate. I wish they had teamspeak or discord servers that had easy access because I could really use it right now..

I don't wanna go overboard on the equipment because I still need to buy all the reagents and media I'll use. God biology is expensive lmao.

I might setup a LLC and make a Thermo-Fisher account. 

I so tired it's 2 AM peace.