Project Log #5 "the cabinet"

A project log for Home Biology Lab

A diy bio lab for mammalian cell culture, genetic engineering, and whatever creations cross my mind

saporanoSapoRano 07/19/2023 at 18:300 Comments

After some research I've decided on a positive pressure room instead of a biosafety cabinet, I don't plan on working with anything particularly dangerous and frankly the biosafety cabinet will cost more and give me a smaller working area overall.

If I need 100% sterilization for certain projects I can fashion up a small laminar flow hood to give me a working area if contamination is a persistent problem.

Also I'm doing research on the pros and cons of different filters and filter materials and have made a plan, the plan includes a multistep filtering process with a UVC bulb for when I need to sanitize the entire room. For now I'm most likely going to be using a multi step carbon fiber and hepa filter is a system similarly to the following infographic 

The concept seems simple enough just pull air  through tiny holes but as all projects go it's bound to hit a hiccup I can't quite see yet.

I plan on making the room out of a wooden frame with plastic sheets as walls. Will it look like a meth lab, yes but I doubt my neighbors care enough to call the police.

The plan is to turn a third of the garage into a sterile lab, half of it into a workspace, and whatever’s left can just be a relaxed space for me and and friends(nonexistent) or family to just sit down and draw schematics or program. 

I’m going to start seeing how much the lab will all cost in total. I don’t think it should cost too much after all it’s just wood, plastic, filters, and  a fan. 

I haven’t stopped looking for what I could use the space for I but before I reach artificial life and the touch of my finger tips. Adding a couple intermediary steps would be a good idea. Such as turning fibroblast into pluripotent stem cells. 

That would make it way cheaper to experiment and take some of the pressure off of each run, and know how biology is I will be needing as many chances as I can get. 

That’s about it for for now I have things to do, peace.