Project log #7 "WE'RE BACK BABY"

A project log for Home Biology Lab

A diy bio lab for mammalian cell culture, genetic engineering, and whatever creations cross my mind

saporanoSapoRano 08/18/2023 at 20:440 Comments


I kind of did for a month in terms of the project logs (but we're not gonna talk about it)


let's give a quick recap firstly 

I have decided to switch to genetic engineering because I am too broke for cell culture 

and also I need to start somewhere 

I've changed the plan to adjust for such goals 


before I show you the new plan 

I have decided to start a science channel

and patron to fund my endeavors 

If you want to support

I would be extremely thankful for any kind of contribution

Now back to the new plan 

From the last time this was seen it has grown in complexity a good deed but they are all needed regardless

Now If i don't attack these problems in a direct line don't be mad opportunities come and go

So har i have begun my collection of consumables and was able to successfully acquire and incubator 100% free of charge 

It was an old chicken egg incubator that bleached the living H*** out of 

It was a little giant incubator 

Looks like this expect more crusty Little Giant Still-Air Incubator, Holds 41 Large Chicken Eggs  Or 120 Bantam/Quail Eggs, 9300 : Industrial & ScientificI tested it and it can hold a temp so for now it should work 

Also I cleaned and bleached the fridge so it should be good for use 

I've also installed pegboard in the garage and am organizing my tools as we speak im about 90% of the way finished it just takes a while waiting on the 3d printer 

The autoclave is just a $50 pressure cooker and might as well be marked as finished 

The centrifuges and Micropipettes are going to be gifts 

I already have a freezer and and ice bath is as simple as a styrofoam box of frozen peas

The heat block is also incredibly simple just a peltier and a thermocouple

The pcr machine is going to be intresting 

I can either snag one on ebay, build one, or buy one of the mini pcr machine kits 

like this

PocketPCR Kit Content

The gel box setup is also incredibly simple ~50v power supply and some wires  and could honestly be made from the dollar store 

A gene gun is pretty advance but their are some good kits and guide to making your own attempting it will be fun but worst case I just switch to agrobacterium

that's about it for now  

GO TO MY CHANNEL (imma try to upload soon)


anyways peace