Project Log #8 "makin moves"

A project log for Home Biology Lab

A diy bio lab for mammalian cell culture, genetic engineering, and whatever creations cross my mind

saporanoSapoRano 08/19/2023 at 21:100 Comments


While i've been thinking on the hardware side of things a lot

I need to start worrying about actually getting all the plasmids and catalyst so I can actually do anything with my lab 

Ive tried sending out some emails to the stanford freegenes project and am still waiting on a reply

Everything is just so expensive 

But I'm gonna make it work

The goal currently is to grow my selection slowly 

My first goal is just to buy some E.coli grow it and be able to freeze it 

After that the goal is to make E.coli express GFP freeze that E.coli and extract some DNA 

From there the skies the limit 

Maybe grow some agrobacterium / build a gene gun for genetically engineering plants

Or extract some TAQ polymerase for pcr reactions and future use 

Who knows 

RIght now im still selling some of the stuff in the garage and almost 

Hopefully the extra money will help me buy reagents and tools 

I need to print some test tube racks so if anyone has any good thingiverse or printables links comment them 

But for now I need to get back to editing