Project Log #10 "a little change"

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saporanoSapoRano 08/26/2023 at 17:510 Comments


So I made a small change more reflective of what I want to do

The truth is that my goal from the beginning was to modify plants for the good of humanity

So gotta get started somehow 

I just added a few small plant related things

It's all stuff i was planning to do anyways 

So this is fun gave myself more work yay

anyways let's see what to talk about 

I got the heat block It work I tested it and everything

The new vid should be out in a couple hours if i'm lucky

My audio is bad so I need to find a audio closet or smth

It will get better with time trust me

I think my goals right now are to

1.grow and freeze E.coli a gene in E.coli 

3.tissue culture a plant 

4.either insert genes in plant or express gene in bacteria 

And then the sky's the limit 

I have so much I gotta do at the same time

I'm still clearing out the garage but I have made major progress , I'm nearly finished 

Still thinking on the air purifier I'm getting closer to it day by day 

But i can't clean a nasty f****** garage with a air purifier with so much junk in it but we will stay working 

Also i've been reading some papers and think its time i reveal my plan

The end END goal is to genetically engineer amaranth so it is easier to grow brings higher yields and is richer in vitamins and minerals so i can send it off to refugee camps and cure the presence of anemia 

So how will we get to that point 

Well first I need to get all the equipment collected and finished 

Once that is finished I need grow some plant in culture just to get my hands in it 

Then we need to figure out the hormone rations for amaranth which the paperwork on is non existent but i found a old protocol for spinach which is related to amaranth so we will start there 

After which its just the trial and error of designing plasmids and putting them into the plant 

That's the plan for now it will probably change in the future at some point 

Go to my channel new vid in a couple hours 

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