Project log # 11 "tears of mediocracy"

A project log for Home Biology Lab

A diy bio lab for mammalian cell culture, genetic engineering, and whatever creations cross my mind

saporanoSapoRano 09/02/2023 at 02:520 Comments

Okay Okay Okay 

so I need to slow down a little 

the plan is still 

1. grow E.coli gene in E.coli same thing in agrobacterium 

4.culture plants 

5.modify plants 

now I'm making a list for steps one and two focusing on one so now I need the BARE basics so what do I need to grow E.coli?

I have a list currently but hackaday is stupid and I can't upload files so I'm just gonna copy paste 

NameCo stQuantityDIY/BUYLinkNotes
Pipette kits$99.001BUY and reliable
Microcentrifuge 10krpm 1.5ml$98.991BUY way in hell im DIYing this
centrifuge 4000rpm 15ml$60.001BUY as above
autoclave (pressure cooker)$49.951BUY as above
Incoluating loop$8.991BUY and reliable
microcentrifuge tube$18.9910,000BUY
glass vials$5.7312BUY agar stabs
15ml tools$18.99100BUY
syringe filter$28.69100BUY
erlenmeyer flasks$19.996BUY make media somehow
autoclave tape$24.905BUY yes
uvc bulb$20.991BUY yes
torch$14.971BUY yes
Heat block$35.001BUYboughthot
cold shock$10.001DIYmadecold
refrigeratorFREE1FOUNDFOUNDcool yes
freezerFREE1FOUNDFOUNDvery cool yes
Gel Electrophlorisis~201DIYdiyjust gonna use a dc power supply to make pretty easy
>td >?1DIY/BUY not surediyhave no idea maybe ebay maybe diy
microscope 40-1000x$78.991BUY small yes
gene gun~1001DIYdiy found a couple guidesounds cool and fun
clean space~not sure1DIY over to hackaday to catch up with plan have somthing in the works

Okay so I just need something to sanitize them something to grow it in and something to freeze them in 

Just those steps 

I'm going to make a new list for the tools required just to do those  

Pipette kits
inoculating loop
bunsen burner
petri dishes
LB Broth

So from this list I have the Incubator and the petri dishes 

Of course I will be needing other reagents but those are the most important 

The plan is to use a bunsen burner to generate a aseptic area for culturing cells in the beginning just for startup but 

But I gotta stop procrastinating I don't know why but my brain just want to push it away as hard as it can no matter what I wish I knew why

Now for the reagent LB broth is Extremely cheap to mix your own and glycerol is also extremely cheap 

The biggest cost here is the autoclave and micropipettes I need to get those down as those will be important now and In the future 

I need to get something done 

Also I found a new discovery while fishing for treasure in the garage a old food heater the kind that was meant for keeping things warm for long periods of time and it could possible be used as a new incubator  

It would work and is made out of metal and glass so it would look good too but who am I kidding I need to stop wasting my time and getting something done already

School has just been sucking up all of my time 

Right now I need help picking an autoclave this is very important as having an aseptic working area and technique is key to making any of this work 

I need help right now in picking an Autoclave as It will be key I might just settle for a pressure cooker right now and spend a little more money later on for a slightly nicer one once i've made some friends 

That's it for now I will give another update soon