Project Log #12 "took a break"

A project log for Home Biology Lab

A diy bio lab for mammalian cell culture, genetic engineering, and whatever creations cross my mind

saporanoSapoRano 12/16/2023 at 05:060 Comments

Okay, Okay, Okay it's been a minute since I did a log if a minute is 3 months long but I made some progress. For every problem I solve  I discover 10 more  ( ͡╥ ͜ʖ ͡╥)

So I want to pick up where I left off

I got all the things I was talking about in my last all those tools to grow E Coli but now I need a sterile environment to do my work in as i've found my technique and disgusting garage can't be solved used a open flame sadly so i've made some drawing for other options i've summed it up to laminar flow hood (shown below),

Biosafety cabinet (shown below)

Or a positive pressure room (shown below) 

Naturally being broke all of these would be at least a little shit ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

And that's an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration I have an idea that could work and be applied to all of these if i build the filtration system separately and use standard hvac equipment  to hook it up I could upgrade with time whenever I want to upgrade 

The plan is a plywood box with a filter and a fan on one end and an hvac output on the other, I'm going to design it to use a higher quality hepa filter and a high  pressure fan to pull the air required for some of the larger designs. Also this design makes the whole thing modular and WAY easier to repair that in a AIO design 

I have some spare wood, and might be able to shrink the design even further if I use a duct fan ( shown below)  so I could hook it up directly instead of having to buy an output for the box.

this should work and shouldn't be too expensive as duct fans are ~$15 and the filter I have in mind is ~$25,  so 40 for a filter well hell that's a good deal. I probably could go cheaper but really don't wanna skimp out on the filter as it's so important to the performance of this thing.

I also found a new incubator to use instead of the crappy chicken incubator I found an old food warmer (shown below) with adjustable temperature and ironically enough it works really well for bacteria so that was definitely a win for sure. 

Now this is my new immediate goal because if i try to bite more than I can chew I choke for like a month and 1/2 before guilt tripping myself to get back to work. so yup i'm not gonna do too much.

One thing I also wanted to restart was the youtube channel. I actually have some interesting shit I could film and I built a new workbench so I have a place to film it too. it would be fun and interesting and who knows? I definitely wanna come back from my hiatus from hackaday and get back to releasing these logs so that's for sure going to happen. 

I'll try to have the filter built by the next project log if i'm lucky. It might be after that because I think I'm gonna try to record the video making and post it before christmas. that's the goal but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who knows something might come up along the way but I'm gonna try really hard to get it done by then. 

I'll be honest I only have 1 new year resolution and that goal was to do a project for every week in 2024 making 52 projects by the end of the year. and if the channel is coming back I might as well record and edit all the projects while I'm at it.

Now money,

 I'm broke at it, I gotta admit. I might do tissue culture or grow plants as I already have to in later steps and the added income would be very nice indeed but it's an interesting challenge for now figuring out how to afford anything. I think i'm going to read plants from test tubes in my free time. I found this nice Monstera Obliqua on Ebay and I might buy some throw them in TC and secure a nice tidy profit down the line. TC and plants is definitely something I plan on doing for money soon and in general regardless

I would really love to start making Diy Bio kits (example shown below), like very good high quality ones that were affordable so people could  get their hands on them. 

like imagine if everyone had the power to make microfluidic chips with their kids or as a science fair experiment. I would love to run a business like that I'm just not sure what to do. I know I wanna market it towards the k-12 market kind of like the kits. I also know I want them to be cheap as well so that more people can get their hands on this stuff If someone is reading this and wants to help me brainstorm PLEASE dm me because I need it. Anyways that might be a fun side project for later who knows.

That's it for now I'm gonna get busy and build that filter and keep thinking about ways to get money. I might record the process and post it but I will definitely write a log about it regardless hopefully soon but I don't wanna do it too often and not have anything to write in these logs. 

anyways see ya later (^_^)/~