AutoDuct Block Diagram

A project log for AutoDuct smart motorized air duct shutter

Smart motorized air duct shutter with wireless connectivity for decentralized ventilation systems

daniel-porzigDaniel Porzig 09/11/2023 at 19:500 Comments

The electronics of the AutoDuct unit is divided into two PCBs: the main control PCB containing the microcontroller, the power supply circuit and the shuttor motor driving circuit is located on the back of the linear actuator assembly. A second PCB is hidden behind the front cover of the unit. It contains the HM-17 BLE communication module, a real-time-clock IC, a configuration EEPROM and a SHT31 temperature/humidity sensor.

The two end stop sensors for the shutter control are placed on a separate PCB and integrated inside of the linear actuator.