Small PCBs - Logic probe (untested)

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Ordering a 10x10 board with only 10x4 taken? Panelize one of these!

ArsenijsArsenijs 05/09/2017 at 00:350 Comments

This logic probe design was featured on blog, and I was interested in assembling a couple of those. So, I made a quick KiCad board that'd be as small as possible - and in the end, it's very very small, using SMD components - but still hand-solderable =) I figure that if you'll want to use this probe on 3.3V designs, you'll want to use a 3.3V-compatible version of 555 IC.

GitHub link (Gerber ZIPs are also there)

Online Gerber viewer

UPDATE: Got the PCBs - 20 of them! Haven't tested them yet, but will do soon. Will send them out to Europe for cost of postage.