RepTrap ESP32-S3 Variant

A project log for Openthing 2 - RepTrap

Openthing 2 RepTrap is a detection device and camera trigger for capturing images of relatively small animals, including lizards, frogs etc.

mirkoMirko 02/12/2024 at 10:574 Comments

I decided that I do not like the RP2040 anymore and exchanged it for the ESP32-S3. With the ESP32 I get BLE for this device, which can make it into a remote trigger as well but mainly it will be possible to set configurations for the sensors sensitivity!

The power consumption of the ESP is also lower in deep-sleep where I was not able to get the RP2040 into a very nice deep-sleep tho. Another benefit is the OTA functionallity I am getting which makes the device updateble very easy. 

I also added a USB Detect to see if a USB is connected or not, that way I can handle the code differently for examply only start BLE advertising if USB is connected or checking for a specific WiFi to download firmware updates.

I also fixed all issues I found with the first Version, moved all connectors to one side to make it easier to be added into an enclosure, I added mounting holes to secure the PCB and I even left some space to add another output to be triggered which could trigger two different cameras at the same time. The connectors are now also on the horizontal sides of the board to free the short side of the device for mounting options like holes on the enclosure etc.

Another very experimental change was a Hall effect sensor DRV5032FB as a switch for the device! I want to achieve a IP68 waterproofnes with this device (I also exchanged the USB and the other connector to be IP68). The idea is instead of a classic switch or push-button which needs a hole in the enclosure I add a hall sensors and put a mechanical switch from the outside including a magnet. It hopefully will feel like a real switch but has no contact to the PCB - that way this switch will be 100% waterproof! and the only gaps I have are for the USB and klinken connector. Lets see how that idea works out. 

The device also got a RGB LED to show its different states it can be in or show errors. The USB Port is also connected to the ESP32 USB which can be benefitial later.

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Paul Read wrote 02/17/2024 at 09:54 point

Very interesting

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Mirko wrote 02/17/2024 at 10:05 point

Thanks! I haven't caught anything on camera yet :( because I live in a big city with literaly no animals around. Once I got the enclosure done I will go out and set it up more often and leave it.

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tyeth wrote 02/16/2024 at 11:51 point

+1 Thanks for documenting the adventure 

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Mirko wrote 02/16/2024 at 12:10 point

<3 Thanks

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