Whence this project?

A project log for Minamil 3dp: another minimal CNC mill

A very compact, very inexpensive, very DIYable, very precise little CNC mill. This one uses 3d printed parts.

paul-mcclayPaul McClay 07/27/2023 at 07:480 Comments

This new project grew from a symbiotic pair of projects with some development history:

This new "Minamil 3dp" project introduces a substantially different implementation of the "Minamil" CNC core combined with fresh progress toward "desk accessory" packaging.

Why spawn a new "Minamil" project?

I think this new design for 3d printed parts, vs laser cut, combined with new work toward "desk accessory" packaging, represents a step change in potential utility to someone who wants the capabilities of a precise little CNC without committing space for a machine and the mess it throws off. Wider accessibility of 3d printing and much more simple assembly make this design more practical to build. A completely new frame configuration and more comprehensive integration into "desk accessory" packaging make this design more practical to use.


I plan to submit this project for the current HaD Prize Gear Up Challenge, where the rules require a new project anyhow.