Vehicle auto steer control kit

barebone robotics conversion kit for human driving vehicles

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A project to create a kit for basic remote control and auto steering and movement.

The idea is to make a simple kit to convert tractors and other vehicles to remote driving so they can be used in hazardous environments.

Basically install a kit in and hook it up to battery/generator and set waypoints to drive and put the vehicle in drive/1st gear+speed setting. One motor will steer and the other motor will do brake/clutch control.

For example using the kit to make a mine clearing tractor in Ukraine with any normal vehicle.

  • 2 × Odrive s1
  • 2 × 16384 CPR ABSOLUTE RS485 ENCODER
  • 2 × DUAL SHAFT MOTOR - D6374 150KV
  • 1 × Various cables
  • 1 × 2 axis arm for gas pedal

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