New hardware upgrade - PMIC

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chu-tien-thinh-obitvnChu Tien Thinh (obitvn) 10/22/2023 at 08:340 Comments

PMIC on Felini uses axp173 to support power path, battery charging, energy management, energy measurement, voltage control.
However, the power sequence on the AXP is written OTP once on the chip at the factory, this makes it difficult for some friends who try to rebuild the felini but buy the wrong axp173 chip, this can be fixed with a few tips fishing line. However, after days of searching for a replacement IC, I found a better candidate, the RK816, with a resistor-configurable output DCDC, no matter what version the RK816 is, once powered on, The esp32 will automatically configure the default voltage to the correct voltage required by felini

New hardware will be updated soon, after I recover from exhaustion from preparing for the hackaday prize