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A project log for Skeliwedge

This is my 1st Australian non-destructive antweight robot's 3rd version project page.

adityaprakash23AdityaPrakash23 12/04/2023 at 16:370 Comments

Hello there!

I attended December's WRC's event this Sunday. This was Skeliwedge's second outing with the new and improved attachments. I was also running the bot with a new remote with which I had minimal practice. Out of the 4 new attachments, the forklet attachments didn't come out correct so I had to leave them. The event started with 4 round-robin rounds. I tested out my 3 attachments during those rounds. The sawblaze attachment was best at winning the ground game and got under a lot of robots. The wedge attachment was decently well however lost me 1 match when the bot was flipped over. I will need to fix its design and it could be a decent 2nd attachment option. The forks were not that great but I plan to keep them for situations when I get flipped over. After the round robins, during the playoffs, I went up against 2 flipper bots and my front blades idea proved crucial and helped me win 2 fights helping me reach the finals of the non-destructive antweight, where I lost to a grabber robot due to a driving mistake coming from my inexperience with the new remote. I was immensely satisfied with the 2nd place finish but I know I have ways to go if this control bot is going to be competitive next year. I am kinda thinking of further furnishing the main body as well to make it slightly lighter. That will allow me to go for the thicker wheel giving me more traction. Also I plan to brainstorm a couple more attachments from other good battlebots.