A project log for 1K-OP

96x96 pixels, 8 buttons, a speaker, and 1K operations.

Owen TruebloodOwen Trueblood 01/04/2017 at 07:360 Comments

CAD = Computer-Aided Design

It also equals lots of clicking and quiet cursing.

I did mechanical and PCB design for 1K-OP today in Autodesk Fusion 360 and Kicad. While trying to design scissor-switch mechanisms for the keys it sunk in that I have 1 day left in the 1K competition, so I simplified. There's lots left to do but the design of the body basically looks like this:

It's upside-down, but oriented that way because the screen that will stick off the end opposite the speaker grill isn't in the model. There are 8 buttons which are connected to the central spine by 2 mm spans of material. Underneath there is a pocket which perfectly fits on top of some tactile switches I have. Here's a more complete render:

The PCB will bolt onto the bottom of this body. It's nothing complicated. Here's a partly finished layout:

For tomorrow: finishing layout, milling the PCB and body, and writing all the software...