Getting the Rpi to work

A project log for Ransomware safe server: SMB (Samba) and FTP server

A SMB (Samba) and FTP server which is safe against ransomware attacks from the client

elbertElbert 08/07/2023 at 12:230 Comments

I received the Rpi Zero W. I was surprised it does not have an USB host. It seems to be possible, but that is of later concern. I can use the SD storage for the moment.

I burned the SD card with the Raspberry Pi Imager (32 bit with desktop). I used the advanced options in the Imager to get SSH and WiFi set up, without having to (set up and) use the monitor (mini HDMI) and keyboard. I named it “raspberrypizw”. I had to wait 5 minutes the first time before it showed up in the LAN scan.

I enabled the VNC interface (sudo raspi-config) via SSH terminal (Teraterm, for old times sake) and changed the resoution too. I also installed and RealVNC on the PC. I could use “raspberypizw” to log into VNC. I am ready to program!