I have made an example file system working

A project log for Ransomware safe server: SMB (Samba) and FTP server

A SMB (Samba) and FTP server which is safe against ransomware attacks from the client

elbertElbert 08/10/2023 at 21:340 Comments

After trying to port vsftpd, I realized I was on the wrong way. It would be a messy work. And Samba would even be much larger. So another change of plan. Why not making a new file system? Then all servers could just write to the PRFS file system (Protected Revertible File System) without having to modify the server software!

The ‘easiest’ way is to make a kernel module. This can be loaded on the fly.

After reading and compiling some tutorials and compiling, I was ready for the real work.

I have taken a file system which (transparently) reads a TAR file, as was it a file system:

Raspbian OS seems to bit a little ‘off’. So I had to change a few things (with a lot of Googling and a little logical thinking):

I have mounted the kernel module and it works!

Next step is to make it read from a normal (mounted) file system.