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A project log for DROIKO

Droiko is a high technology gaming micro drone.

Cactus RoboticsCactus Robotics 01/23/2017 at 14:450 Comments

Key Features


You can control Droiko from your smartphone using our free Droiko App, available for Android 4.3+ and iOS 5+ devices.
The Droiko App is used to connect to Droiko, change its configuration, start new games, fly it, show relevant game info, and also to update Droiko's and Checkpoints' firmware.
It is very flexible: you can customize game rules, select piloting difficulty and change control modes. You can decide if you prefer to pilot it using your fingers on the screen, or maybe prefer to control it turning and tilting the phone, or a combination of both methods. You can also select from different piloting difficulties depending on your experience and ability to fly drones, from very automated flying with automatic altitude and limited speed, to manual mode for expert pilots.
Control range depends on the smartphone used, but on our tests 30-50 meters is no problem, and it already becomes quite difficult to see Droiko at those distances.
We wanted to keep Droiko as affordable as possible, and as light as possible, so there is no on-board camera. Droiko is always piloted in visual line of sight.
Droiko can also be controlled using any standard RC transmitter, but a Checkpoint is needed as communication bridge. Just connect your RC receiver to the Checkpoint expansion port, no extra batteries needed because the Checkpoint will power up your receiver. Using this control option range increases up to 100 meters or more.
A dedicated Droiko Gamepad will be available in the future, check the Stretch Goals section.

Droiko Technical Specs

Checkpoint Technical Specs