VGA Text replacement

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franck-galliatFranck GALLIAT 04/02/2017 at 17:060 Comments

Hi, today I nearly achived the Simple VGAText Serial ouput (100x50 chars - text ONLY interface) replacement by re-using a Raspberry PI Zero + Java + FrameBuffer.

It does actually run an emulation of the VGAText micro-code (receiving text & escaped commands from the Serial Port) to make a Pseudo text-based UI.

It boots & start the program in 14sec from strict powering up time (8sec from linux starts booting).

The cons : It does not starts instantanatly,

the pros : It can be use on ANY HDMI TV or Computer Monitor even with too high resolution, later it will be able to receive some GFX commmands, the render code is (on-board) modifiable, Keyboard reading will replace the HobbyTronics USB Host (keyb preprogrammed) board, & it costs nearly as same as HobbyTronics VGA TEXT board...

I know, It could replace the whole system, but I keep my MCU (teensy3.6) board to do the main Unit... (just for personal fun ! )

to follow ...