A Slight Project Rethink

A project log for A Brand New Apple Lisa

Producing a Functional Clone of the Apple Lisa 2/5, using NOS components.

dosfoxDosFox 08/16/2023 at 15:080 Comments

My gosh, this is going to be a short project log. Who would of thought it?

So with the realisation that the majority of the work had been done, the project was slightly condensed down to: 

Designs from Alex:

Designs from Warmech:

Parts I already had available:

Other Purchased parts:

What I needed to build from Scratch:

Really, the entire project just boiled down to build a Motherboard, Power Supply, IO board and CPU board and some cable harnesses - then plug it all together. 


From that, the following five boards were ordered from JLCPCB:

At a grand total of £190 in total for 25 boards shipped (minimum quantity of 5 each), it could be suggested that the boards came to a total of £8 per bare board. Extrapolating that out, a full Lisa would only cost about £48 for the core six blank boards!

Unfortunately, the RAM card wasn't as cheap at a cost of £75 (including shipping).

With all the boards on order, the Lisa project was fully underway.