LED choice

A project log for UV projection printer for PCBs and item marking

This tool can project UV mask and cure paint on various objects, including PCB prototypes, 3D prints, panels and household items

wojciech-adalbert-jWojciech "adalbert" J 10/08/2023 at 22:430 Comments

I wanted to use a sharp UV point light source, so after going through various options I chose a module named EP-U4545R-A3_PCB. It is an LED already soldered to a star-type heatspreader. The specification is as follows:

The wavelength is suitable for the UV soldermask/paint that I am using. 120 degree lens allows to cover a wide area with the UV light, minimizing potential hot-spots.

5W is also quite a lot of power for a small LED module like this one, therefore an additional heatsink must also be attached to the metal heatspreader. I glued one with some typical single-part white heatsink glue.