Status update! #self.replicate

A project log for Relatively Universal ROM Programmer

EPROM programmer too expensive? This isn't!

anders-nielsenAnders Nielsen 08/07/2023 at 22:260 Comments

The project started a few months ago as a forum thread on

The project has taken a bit of shape, I've made the initial schematic and started designing the PCB. Before finishing the PCB the project needs a bit more time on the breadboard.

The idea is sound and deserves the work to be put in - even if it ends up being a bit slower than the commercial programmers. Cheap and easy to make is the goal!

Arduino seems like a reasonable platform to write some code for, but on the other hand it might be a lot of fun to make the #65uino self-replicating by letting it program it's own ROMs - especially since it has no problem reading out the whole ROM that's currently in the socket - but maybe thats more a log for that project :D

I'm aiming at 1/8th the price point of a commercial programmer(in parts) - we'll see if that's possible.