First Paint!

A project log for Woody the Electric Four Passenger Bicycle

Woody is a scratch built quad wheel bicycle with four passenger capacity, with electric power to assist pedaling.

john-guyJohn Guy 09/25/2023 at 12:370 Comments

While the intention is to get the main frame powder coated, there are still miscellaneous small parts which be painted with rattle can, Rust-o-leum Semi Gloss Black.

These are the two steering arms, the tie rod, and connection from the middle of the tie rod to the steering column. A few bits of welding rod are put to good purpose here.

After painting they are moved outside to get a bit of UV light bleeding through the overcast this morning. They were left to dry about 4 hours.

And here they are installed! Note the steering column hardware was not painted, this will be modified.