Now for some woodworking!

A project log for Woody the Electric Four Passenger Bicycle

Woody is a scratch built quad wheel bicycle with four passenger capacity, with electric power to assist pedaling.

john-guyJohn Guy 09/25/2023 at 12:460 Comments

One may wonder, why is the bike called Woody? Well, it was always intended to have significant wood trim. Today saw the first pieces built.

This is the front seat frame. The various rails are for alignment to the frame, and form the edges of storage bags. This is white oak, given to me by the illustrious Jack W. The joints each have one or two 3/8" hardwood dowels for alignment and strength.

This is the rear seat frame. It is much simpler in design as there is less going on in metal behind the rear wheels. This is one coat of Gloss acrylic spray, the Rust-o-leum 2X brand. This dries to the touch in about 20 minutes, especially when left in the sun as below.

And here is the front seat frame on the bike, with the one seat which has been completed.