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Display interface for Kerbal Space Program via KRPC

tobiasTobias 08/11/2023 at 00:520 Comments

The goal of this project is to have a live interface that takes data directly from KRPC, and so can be used for navigation. So far, the project includes a static HTML and SVG interface visually similar to the MFDs in KSP (credit to RPC and ASET for these). The interface also uses ThreeJS for the 3D 8-ball element. This 3d element allows the element to be rotated so that attitude angles can be fed to the interface with a minimum of maths. Here's a clip of it in action (although this just rotating at a fixed speed - not connected to KRPC):

To view this interface, check out this HTML file in the Github repo:

This folder in the repo also contains my first steps on getting the interface connected to KRPC so that it will show information straight out of KSP.

I'm afraid I'm only working on this project intermittently, so please be aware there may not be any updates for a while