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A project log for Yet Another Reflow Oven

I found a cheap toaster oven. Let's try to turn it into something better than a T-962... and do it cheaper.

nrwestnrwest 08/15/2023 at 02:260 Comments

Hackers have been modifying toaster ovens to act as reflow ovens for years.

Nate Seidle himself from Sparkfun describes one example at: . Sparkfun also developed a (now discontinued) controller PCB designed to make it simpler to modify a toaster oven. Link at

A more recent, but also discontinued oven controller can be found at

There was a PID controller made by "Rocket Scream" which is also discontinued. Hackaday user [Scott] has a nice writeup of his reflow oven using the Rocket Scream PID board at

If you prefer videos, here's one recommended by Hackaday in 2019:

A web search will bring up many, many other examples. What I COULDN'T find though was an up-to-date PCB, that is in-stock, that I can use to control a generic oven. So I'll design my own, using a microcontroller compatible with Arduino. I will  be standing on the shoulders of giants with this project, which will hopefully speed the development and give me a better final product than if I were to design and build from scratch. A great starting point is the "Reflow Oven Controller" by 0xPIT on Github: . That screen with the temperature graph looks great, and 0xPIT has also kindly included some very useful design notes on how to get the most out of solid-state relays, and some other circuit design notes. I can definitely work with this!

A couple of changes stand out at first glance: