Power socket

A project log for Yet Another Reflow Oven

I found a cheap toaster oven. Let's try to turn it into something better than a T-962... and do it cheaper.

nrwestnrwest 09/08/2023 at 23:310 Comments

The oven has a captive cable for its mains power. I would prefer a socket for a standard IEC cable. This also made it easy to add a fuse and a power switch, by choosing a socket with these features built-in. I used the socket as a template for the cut-out in the metal back panel of the oven. I then drilled 2mm holes in each corner of the cutout and used a cutting disc in a rotary tool to make the cuts.

Cutting the hole for the IEC power socket
Holes drilled in each corner, cutting wheel on a rotary tool. This image is taken from the "inside" of the panel

I tidied the sharp edges with a file. The socket is a tight fit into the hole and is secured by its locking tabs.

Socket in place
The power switch fits in the rectangular space on the left-hand side of the black socket. This image shows the "outside" of the panel, which will be visible when the oven is reassembled.