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A project log for Airwave Inspector

Ryzen 7 cyberdeck boosted with Kraken SDR for mobile software radio fun powered by LiFePO4 batteries

andreaAndrea 08/22/2023 at 03:340 Comments

She's got a big rear end, and it holds her down.

The whole case won't stand because the battery in the back is too heavy and makes the back want to lay flat, instead of lean open like a laptop.

The solution? Move the battery.

I'm moving the battery from the rear to the small front side flap of the case, aka the lid.

I decided to take the opportunity to tear the battery down and re-pack it.

Each "cell" is composed of 4 sony cells in parallel. Each Sony cell is wrapped in a 50¢ coin wrapper to prevent damage to the wrap. Each set of 4 is welded with nickel strip with excesses on one side, then wrapped in laptop tape.

The excess tabs are then welded together, folded over, and taped. This is done one after another to form the final battery pack.

The final pack is then wrapped in tape to provide just a little more structure.

Stranded copper wire in silicone jacket is soldered to the excess tabs that make up the positive and negative leads of the pack.