Modeling the reorganization

A project log for Airwave Inspector

Ryzen 7 cyberdeck boosted with Kraken SDR for mobile software radio fun powered by LiFePO4 batteries

andreaAndrea 08/23/2023 at 04:470 Comments


With the reorganization idea in full swing and literally every component removed I re-measured everything and created a simple cad mockup of each board's physical volume.

I combined that, some Tetris skills, and 3 YouTube videos to calm the ADHD. The result?

I decided to mount everything directly to the case except the voltage converter, which will mount to the top of the charge controller. 

Files will be uploaded after I finish printing and do a test fit to make sure I didn't mess up with the calipers.

Battery Take 3

I admit I don't always think ahead far enough and I forgot that the BMS needs a wire to each cell to keep them balanced. I carefully slit open the pack casing and soldered new wire to each tab.

I closed the whole thing up and now I have an extended balancing wire harness so that the BMS can be mounted with the power cables facing the battery instead of the cable harness ports.