Printer machine broke

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andreaAndrea 08/25/2023 at 04:130 Comments

I broke my 3D printer.

The final revision of one of the mounts came unstuck and became a giant evil glob on the hotend, and when I removed it I severed all the wires to the thermocouple and heater!

I do have my first drafts, however.

Heres a pic of the test fit with the bracket system.

TThe intention is to use adhesive to bond the printed parts to the case, then use heat set inserts and screws to mount the hardware to the brackets.

This will keep everything in place and still allow me to get in and remove or replace things if that's needed.

The photos show off the stack of boards one at a time so you can see the way it all fits together.

I will try to modify the existing prints by hand somehow to work.

Bare brackets
The motherboard and the BMS installed
Kraken installed "hot" side upwards (the side with the sdr chips, in the real deal there will be a thermal pad instead of kapton tape
Charge controller, heat sink facing down
24c to 12v converter not pictured as my heat insert tubes were too bulky and the heat sinks don't clear them. Bracket pictured, however, so use the power of imagination