Y.A.S. RatRod CNC Router 9001

Inventables gave me a $100 gift card, so naturally I decided to build "Yet Another Scrapheap" CNC router with as little money as possible.

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A about one year ago I did an interview with Inventables for their blog about the nature of Swedish hackerspaces in Scania (utmost southern Sweden), as a thank you they kindly gave me a giftcard for $100. For various reasons unbeknownst to me, the interview was never published on their blog and I pretty much forgot about the gift card.

About one year later in May this year I found the giftcard and figured I might aswell try and build a CNC Router. So I ordered 3 NEMA17 stepper motors and a gShield v.5 for Arduino for a total of just above 100$.

I don't have much of a budget for this so the entire build is going to be as cheap as possible and using mostly found objects and scrap from my gargantuan pile of old electronics.

I'm a total noob to Arduinos, CNC, pretty soldering and electronics. So expect lots of stupid noob mistakes and lots of screaming at your computer screen when you see my hodgpodge mishmash of a build.

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