Ordering PCBs

A project log for µHVPSU

A small HV DC-DC converter for your average Nixie Tube applications

Frédéric DruppelFrédéric Druppel 01/03/2017 at 17:350 Comments

The PCBs are ordered !! As you can see, the size of them is about 14mm by 23mm,. that's small enough for me ^^

As you can also see, the price was 13.95$ for ~10 PCBs (so 0.1395$ each). I will calculate the exact cost when I have received the PCBs, as there's a chance I get more than 10 :p

If this project works, I will put a link somewhere where you will be able to buy the PCB directly on DirtyPCBs.

If you want to see the DirtyPCBs Gerber renderings, you can follow this link ^^