October Update

A project log for FXcursion

An STM32-based guitar processor

ratelectroRATelectro 11/20/2023 at 19:170 Comments

As Predtech4 shares, he finally managed to get the SD card to work on our prototype. As a result, almost all important parts of our first prototype have been tested: we now have a fully functional audio system, established interaction between UI and Audio microcontrollers, display output is functioning, and our GUI, created with TouchGFX, works seamlessly. From the shortcomings, RATelectro made a poorly performing power supply unit that overheats and needs to be revised. Additionally, we haven't yet finalized the battery scheme and charging.

Our status:

Currently, we are preparing to create a prototype that resembles a pedal more closely. This prototype will be enclosed in a casing to retest our electronics and their layout within this casing. It will also have the appearance of a more or less finished device that can be handed to someone for testing and feedback.

For now, we've decided to divide our electronics into the following boards:

MCU board

This board houses the UI and Audio MCUs, as well as SDRAM and optional chips like QSPI FLASH, PSRAM, and EEPROM. This board connects to everything else via mezzanine connectors.

Main board

This board contains all the connectors on the rear panel, as well as encoders, LEDs, and buttons. It links the MCU board to the codec board and includes the power supply block and an LCD connector.

Codec board

This separate board houses the audio frontend and a dedicated power source for analog circuits.

Audio connectors board:

FootSW & additional display board: