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A roller mill for mixing things in cylindrical bottles. In my case, SLA Resin prior to adding it to the reservoir

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SLA resin must be homogenized prior to use, and having seen print failures due to trapped air bubbles induced by shaking, I decided I wanted a roller mill. After searching in vain for a reasonably priced unit, I decided to take it upon myself to design and build one.


- Sized to accommodate cylindrical bottles ranging from 250mL to 1 L
- Motion of the bottle to include rotation about the long (X) axis, and cyclical 'rocking' (XZ plane)
- Ability to operate for a fixed period from 1-30 minutes with automatic shut off at the end of the cycle
- Manual speed control with speed sensor and display
- A complete/containerized system that requires only 110V AC and operator actions as inputs
- Optimize components and subsystems for available manufacturing technologies, namely additive manufacturing (mSLA and FDM), hand soldering, and wire harnessing done by manual crimping
- Preferentially use purpose-built COTS components to simplify construction and debuggin


Short video of the rocking motion. Both the bottle rotation and rocking are taken from a single motor fed through multiple gear trains.

Graphics Interchange Format - 12.86 MB - 08/20/2023 at 21:21


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Monish Saravana Kumar Divya Sundari wrote 09/07/2023 at 23:11 point

Would it be possible to get the 3D Models for this file? and the exact motor used.

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