Less than 400 bytes

A project log for sub-512 byte 8-color VGA demo with ATtiny4/5

Generate VGA out from ATtiny5 with 3 pins

Jari TulilahtiJari Tulilahti 01/06/2017 at 06:260 Comments

I'm about done. Code in Bitbucket, link added to project.

avra  -l pentaveega.lst pentaveega.asm
AVRA: advanced AVR macro assembler Version 1.3.0 Build 1 (8 May 2010)
Copyright (C) 1998-2010. Check out README file for more info

   AVRA is an open source assembler for Atmel AVR microcontroller family
   It can be used as a replacement of 'AVRASM32.EXE' the original assembler
   shipped with AVR Studio. We do not guarantee full compatibility for avra.

   AVRA comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
   You may redistribute copies of avra under the terms
   of the GNU General Public License.
   For more information about these matters, see the files named COPYING.

Pass 1...
Pass 2...

Assembly complete with no errors.
Segment usage:
   Code      :       197 words (394 bytes)
   Data      :         0 bytes
   EEPROM    :         0 bytes