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pamungkas-sumastaPamungkas Sumasta 10/09/2023 at 09:360 Comments

Alright, I reckon it'd be nice to look back a bit and explain how you can create AI generated video for free.

As you can see in the my earlier videos and photos, I've made a cool virtual assistant with its own custom avatar. To make it, I used HeyGen, this AI video tool that turns a picture and some text into a cool animated video. Let me tell you, it was my first time trying HeyGen, and I was seriously impressed by the awesome videos it churned out. The voice sounded super natural, and the avatar's facial expressions and lip-syncing were surprisingly lifelike. I ended up creating a bunch of videos where the avatar said different things for my project and saved them as video files. Of course not all is entirely free, for starter at the time making it, I received 2 minutes free credits. 

In essence, what you need here is just a static photo + texts, Heygen will render it for you for preview which later on you can download. You can use avatar photo just like I use or a normal human face, either from their free options or you can upload it yourself. The UI is extremely easy to use and very straightforward. The 2 minutes free credits is rounded up to 30 seconds, so I highly recommend you to make a long 30 seconds text and use other video editing tools to crop it This way you'll get full 2 minutes free credits :)

So from a static avatar above, you can create a narrative video within minutes such as this one from my github.