Passive Mode: a Keyboard

A project log for Generative kAiboard

Beyond Typing: An Adaptive Hardware Prompter for the Age of Generative-AI. Internet-connected. Built-in ChatGPT.

pamungkas-sumastaPamungkas Sumasta 10/10/2023 at 11:370 Comments

The primary and the foremost important feature being a Generative kAiboard is surely to be a keyboard, a standard input device. Generative kAiboard is no different. Upon powering up it is defaulted to be a keyboard with a split keyboard layout and connected via Bluetooth. Yep Bluetooth, so you can connect it easily not only to your PC but also to your phone or table wirelessly.

Being in this passive mode, there is nothing particular that you have to do or enable, it works out of the box. Just take care about the key mapping whether it fits your taste or not. Under the hood however, if enabled, while you're typing it records some statistics with regards to the usage of your keyboard, both contextually or not contextually. Contextually means, it records and buffers your words temporarily and report some statistics on the most common words you typically used. When the word buffer is full, the raw message is then send to ChatGPT to request the summary of your words selections and key findings.

This contextual information is then what is provided automatically "behind the screen" when you are asking ChatGPT to generate some contents, primarily in the creative mode. 

In parallel to that, some non-contextual information is also reported/logged. Such as your typing speed, keycounts, how often you press backspace, your time usage of when you start and stop during the day etc. This ultimately aimed to provide adaptive information about you via your behaviour in using the keyboard while asking to ChatGPT, in particular in the informative mode. 

For example with the information about when you start and stop using the keyboard in the office daily, you can ask chatGPT how many hours left for you to work for this week and under-the-hood the Generative kAiboard will then provide the relevant information. This is just one example, you can surely add your own customization and flavour on top of it of what information you'd like to share or not. 

In essence, when you are in passive / keyboard mode, the Generative kAiboard seamlessly collect information about you as a user and it will automatically enhance your prompt when querying to ChatGPT in the generative mode.