Generative Mode: Suggestive

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pamungkas-sumastaPamungkas Sumasta 10/10/2023 at 11:590 Comments

The third mode I have prescribed on the other hand, it is called suggestive mode. As the name implies, it provides suggestion with the sentences as you type along. In essence it is becoming your companion as you type on your laptop and on the onboard 5.5" screen it directly provides you with some suggestions sentence in close to real time. 

You can surely call it hybrid real-time option. So instead of making a complete paragraph first then ask ChatGPT to correct your words, this mode work hand-in-hand which I personally think can be very handy as I can minimize the mount of copy pasting of words etc. Think about it as having a collaborative friends which never runs out of ideas and suggestions.

Here an example below where everything that I type on the PC, gets duplicated on the input text box on the lower part of the screen there. As soon as the sentence is complete, (detected a . and space), a suggestion is then provided automatically on the output text box as shown.