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pamungkas-sumastaPamungkas Sumasta 10/10/2023 at 12:160 Comments

One of the very nice feature of ChatGPT that I discovered recently is their ability to challenge you and ask you some questions. Turns out it is really cool! Of course, the factual information in the GPT LLM model is never 100% accurate, but certainly it gives you some fun and knowledge on certain topics you are interested in. Hence, I named it Educative mode. 

In this mode, what you'll need to input is only the topic of the quiz you are interested in, and the Generative kAiboard will ask you 10 multiple choice questions consecutively. At the end of the the 10th question it will provide you with the grade. It's simple and really fun, at least for me personally, in particular when you are bored and want to test your knowledge on some topics you are familiar with or not. 

Example of the screenshot below I asked the Generative kAiboard to generate quiz about Hackaday.

Well well well, according to my / Wikipedia knowledge the founder of Hackaday in 2004 is Phillip Thoron, but somehow he is not listed as an option and ChatGPT thinks Dan Maloney is the correct answer :D

And the response for a correct answer: