A 12-sided colorful fodecahedron model made from custom PCBs addressable RGB LEDS (WS-2812).

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The DodcaRGB is a 12-sided Dodecahedron model created using custom-made LED pentagon-shaped PCBs.

The LEDs are addressable RGB (WS-2812) and can be controlled from a standard microcontroller (ESP32, RP2040, Arduino, etc).

The LED points were mapped to 3D space using a simulator written in Processing.

The firmware allows the animation of these points.

There’s enough space inside of the model to hold a standard USB battery pack and microcontroller, making it fully portable. The sides are connected with 3D-printed corners that accept M3 screws.

This project was previewed at the 2023 CCC Camp in Germany, with over 6000 attendees, and some prototype kits were sold.

Future plans include adding accellerometer support, new animations, and perhaps direct sales of kits via Tindie.

The firmware and build instructions have been posted here:

The simulator is also available:

There's some new animation effects added as well. I'm hoping to start soon on setup/WIFi control, accelerometer support, and creating some custom flexible ribbon cables to make assembly easier.


3d printable connector for the corners of the dodecahedron. Uses M3 screws. See the firmware repo README for build details.

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 21.42 kB - 09/07/2023 at 14:19


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