Some data and some challenges!

A project log for Acoustic Monitoring Buoy

Underwater acoustic monitoring using a 4 element array and a surface buoy. Tether enabled by Sparkfun Single Pair Ethernet breakout

julian-blancoJulian Blanco 11/25/2023 at 22:190 Comments

Hi all,

Just a quick update since I was able to gather some initial data.
I made the mistake of grounding the hydrophone ground to frame ground (and effectively seawater). This caused some low frequency stability issues in the pre-amp since it was not expecting the input to be grounded and ended up saturating the ADC (at least this is my working theory). 

I am planning on deploying again soon but in the mean time here is some data!

The vertical stripes in the spectrogram are spots where the waveform clipped which is easier to see / understand in the waveform view.

If you are wondering what the concave up curve is in the spectrogram, it is the doppler shift of a boat passing the recorder!