Kid Cartridge Story Box

Childhood cartridge / tape system brought back to life

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Do you remember those kids tape players? Didn't you LOVED the GameBoy? What's more convenient to choose your music / content than physical tapes / and cartridges? Especially for kids who need to have things in their hands but also for grownups / geeks who remember the good old time of game consoles (Gameboy for instance).
After some research, I realized that there was no kid story boxes using cartridges. The closest I could find was cards using RFID tags but requiring wifi connection.
So I decided to create my own story box and eco-system. Here is the result.

Lots of « story boxes » exist on the market, this one adds the ability to upload your own content and share it with friends with physical cartridges.

Lots of «story boxes» exist on the market (Lunii, Merlin, Yoto, …), they all miss 2 things:

  • capacity to create / upload content
  • share stories between boxes

They all say:

  • "no wifi" but most of them use it to upload new stories
  • you can add your own content: but in fact, you're limited to recording yourself your own story for an app
  • you can share moment with your friend, but you cannot share the stories on your box, that's a shame...
  • kids are autonomous, but they all required parents to add new content

This one adds theses abilities:

  • upload content on cartridges (you can record your own stories on your PC or use contents you already have)
  • share and exchange it with friends / with friends, brothers and sisters, classmates…
  • use physical cartridge like in the 90’s with our old music tapes ;-)

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drcyberg wrote 01/17/2024 at 04:42 point


This project is cool, but would not it be better change to SD Cards in Cartridge!?

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goguelnikov wrote 01/17/2024 at 20:53 point

USB are easier to work with on computers... and I think cheaper? maybe not that easy to connect to an ESP32 though...

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Jeffery Bicott wrote 09/23/2023 at 04:54 point

What inspired you to create your own story box and ecosystem, and what unique features or benefits does your system offer compared to traditional kids' tape players and game cartridges?

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goguelnikov wrote 01/17/2024 at 20:53 point


I wanted my kids to be able to exchange their preferred content. And be able to physically "feel" the content by manipulating it.

Other boxes have “closed” ecosystem, mine is more opened, with “blank” cartridge you can fill with your content (like blank tapes you can record).
So basically tapes or cartridges system respond to the physical aspect. The “dock” allows to connect the cartridges to a PC and upload new content.

The last part is to actually have a box nobody has ;-) and to DIY it.

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