Kid cartridge story box V1

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Childhood cartridge / tape system brought back to life

goguelnikovgoguelnikov 09/18/2023 at 09:010 Comments

For a first version, I used a easily available MP3 playerboard:

This board is connecte to a power bank:

and a small 2x3W 5V amplifier:

The Amplifier board is connected to 2 loud speakers (2 because stereo is COOOOL):

and some nice buttons: 

The wiring diagram is straight forward:

The MP3 player is connected to the power bank. The sound output of the MP3 player is connected to the input of the amplifier. The USB plug / buttons are deported to the faces of the box, also the USB-C plug to recharge the box.

And I printed :

in addition, to connect the USB cartridges to a computer or to a CD / external MP3 palyer accepting USB sticks, I designed slot with the USB extension cord.