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A project log for AstroScopus

A connected laser pointer for stargazing

GlitchmakerGlitchmaker 08/06/2014 at 19:280 Comments

This first project log I will use to explain the basis of why I think my project will work outside the box called cranium.

Anyone that love astronomy, or simply stargazing, knows that one of the best ways to point someone a star is using a green laser pointer. There are commercial products (Celestron SkyScout) that are use for star-finding, that comprise a viewfinder with a cross-hair, which can identify the celestial body. However this solution is a bit "selfish" because only one can use the device at one point. I want with this project to combine both ideas, allowing a more pleasant experience, even for a group. I take  in account some safety measures such suppressing the laser usage near airports, and a key operated switch to provide some child protection.

This is my first project log, in the next one I will try to have already chosen the micro controller and the why of the choice