Selecting the Tools

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andrei-gramakovAndrei Gramakov 09/18/2023 at 20:240 Comments

There are some decisions to make. These decisions are basically our tools preparation. Let’s start from the frameworks


Architecture frameworks:

My choice is: 

🎉 arc42 + SysML 🎉

Having them two, I will have a text guidance + visual guidance. Also, I already have a quite comprehensive experience with UML, so it should help the process.

Subjects of Development

Now let’s consider what we are going to create. In the book Clean Architecture, the author provides a picture like this to illustrate what is the clean architecture:

We should start from defining the core and delay the rest decision as long as possible. The outer layer should be dependent on the inner one.

Next Step

Next time, I will define some basic entities we will be working with and will describe the first chapters of the arc42 template, such as:

  1. Introduction and Goals
  2. Constraints
  3. Context and Scope
  4. Solution Strategy