Architecture: Introduction and Stakeholders

A project log for LeOn - for Cats

A simple robot-toy for my cat Bastet.

andrei-gramakovAndrei Gramakov 09/21/2023 at 20:320 Comments

Here are the first three chapters of my arc42-based architecture documentation. Next time we are doing the architecture constrains and maybe the system scope. It is necessary if I want to make it right, but if you are bored, please wait for 2–3 posts, when we will start describing the system structure 🙂

Introduction and Goals

This project is an effort of establishing a development workflow via practical product development.

There are two main requirements for the project:

The project is based on the following principles:

Quality Goals

1Cat FriendlinessThe product should be interesting and attractive for a cat
2SafetyThe product should be safe for pets, it should not harm the pet in any way
3Development ReusabilityThe project components should be easy to reuse in other projects. Especially in my own projects


Cats (especially Bastet)Cats should get a simple, funny toy that is able to entertain them.
DevelopersDevelopers must get a polished, transparent quality product that can be reused or valuable from the education point of view
Andrei GramakovI suppose to do two things at once: 1. improve my architect skills, 2. move my another enormously big robotic project.
Potential employers of Andrei GramakovShould get an illustrative entry in my portfolio to better understand my skills and experience.