High Level Decisions

A project log for LeOn - for Cats

A simple robot-toy for my cat Bastet.

andrei-gramakovAndrei Gramakov 09/26/2023 at 22:060 Comments

Finally, decisions! The real development!

Last time I published the Intro of the architecture. The main points from there were that we will be using making decisions:

Let’s unfold it to the architecture constrains


Talking about reusability, I want to use the movement system in my other projects, so let’s add also this:

And let’s not forget, it is for the cat, so let’s add also this constrains for the hardware:

Now let’s decide on the scope

System Scope and Context

According to the arc42 system requires having two types of context to be defined in order to define the system scope:

The business context is represented by a diagram with all counterparts interacting with the system. It is quite simple as the system is simple.

For the technical context, let’s divide the system in two main domains:

These domains will all the software in two parts. Also, let’s outline the main components of each domain. To illustrate the context, let’s use a UML deployment diagram:

I used very general words to keep details to the end. But here I already made several detailed decisions.

Next time we will prepare a Building Block view, designing the full system decomposition.