FindMyCat + Zephyr Cooperation

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sahas-chitlangeSahas Chitlange 10/06/2023 at 04:160 Comments

FindMyCat is now collaborating with Zephyr (🎉) to build a Zephyr based UWB Ranging solution, thank you to Florian Grandel (Zephyr Project) for taking the initiative on the collaboration. 

This will be a win-win for everyone, FindMyCat codebase is currently split into two, the legacy nrf5 SDK for the indoor location engine and the newer zephyr based nRF connect for Outdoor location Engine and Homestation. 

This was largely because I could not find Zephyr based drivers for the DWM3001C chip. Upon development of Zephyr based driver, FindMyCat can get rid of the legacy codebase and switch to a much more modern Zephyr codebase.   

Working on bringing native UWB Ranging capability to Zephyr is exciting. I will keep posting updates on how it goes as I make more progress.